Meet The Team


Founder and CEO, Le'Shon Thurman

Le'Shon is a passionate, kind and loving wife and mother who never cease to take a chance at loving someone new. She believes in embracing the unloved and less fortunate as she would her own family. As a certified life coach, her tremendous gift to "Love out Loud" has inspired her actions to help others achieve self-happiness and fulfillment through wellness of the mind, body, and spirit.  Her passions and soft spots lies with children and senior citizens, although she freely gives love to all. Her hobbies include reading, writing, singing, movies, and spending quality time with family. She started her community efforts in 2009 but only sponsored private families that were in need. She later decided to pursue a  greater platform so that she could spread the love and touch as many lives as God would allow.


The "Love" Team

The "Love" Team started with Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Le'Shon Thurman; Chief Financial Officer, Danice Cummings; Chief Operating Officer, Quinterius Thurman and Secretary, Lacresial Perkins. With the support of family and other great people, we are able to serve in the community and impact many lives.


The "Love" Team Extended

Our Volunteers mean the world to us and we realize that we could not serve at the highest level of productivity without them. We are thankful for every person that contributes to our mission to support those that are without families  and in need of a neighbor's love.