Volunteer Opportunities

Helping the Homeless Succeed: Childcare

This assignment takes place in a women and children shelter in Atlanta. This opportunity supports homeless women by providing childcare while they attend classes and training to help them to become stable, independent and  working towards a successful future for themselves and their children. 

Every Thursday Night from 6:00 PM- 9:00 PM, Pre-Screening Required.

Support Group Leaders

Support groups connect people that are facing similar challenges to influence emotional healing, encouragement and a sense of belonging, as well as to provide information and resources through the sharing of experiences and life perspectives.

We are in need of individuals that are able to lead support groups in the following areas: 

Parenting/ Family Planning, Career Development, Entrepreneurship, Marriage, Divorce, Male Leadership, Female Leadership, Financial Literacy, Sole Survivor (Last Family Member), Foster and Adoption, Teen Parents

Flexible Days and Hours, Pre-Screening Required

Project Supervisors

Our Project Supervisor opportunities require mature and dependable individuals who are able to manage various projects and volunteer groups. This opportunity may require travel to different locations (all in the Atlanta Fulton County Area).

Flexible Days and Hours. Pre-Screening Required


The Mentoring Program is designed to establish a healthy relationship and support system for youth that are without families or will benefit from additional support outside of the home and/or family. Some of the youth that we work with may have experienced traumatic life situations and could benefit from your love, attention and encouragement. The goal is to help mentees break through barriers that hinder successful and purposeful living through various activities of choice, academic support and personal/ professional development.

Flexible Days and Hours, Pre-Screening  Required 

Organizational Committees

Individual committee descriptions are based on the chosen committee. However, all committees require mature and dependable individuals that are: Self- Disciplined,  Goal-Oriented and Work well with others. Finance committee require Vote-In 

Committees Include:

- Planning/Outreach Committee

- Programs Committee

- PR/Media Committee

- Finance Committee

- Volunteer Committee

Flexible Days and Hours. Pre-Screening Required

Marketing Team/Videographer/Photographer

The Videographer and Photographer will need to have their own equipment

The videographer, photographer and marketing team is expected to work together to produce quality work that illustrates and represents the service, standards, and mission of the organization, as well as the personal tributes or stories of the team members and the individuals we serve. 

Dance/Theater (Drama) Coach

This oppotunity includes Creative Dance, Spiritual Dance, Hip Hop Dance ,Step Team and drama. This team is expected to lead teams by organizing and teaching children material in preparation for show cases and/or performances.   Material may include or combine  dancing, acting, poetry, singing, etc. Coaches must be able to create their own material.

Flexible Days and Hours, Pre-Screening Required


While our students can use academic support in all areas, we are finding that many of them need more help in the areas of Math, Writing and Reading (considered “Most Need” Area). This assignment may be during school hours, portions of the school day, after hours or weekends. Tutors may be assigned to youth, young adults or seniors.

Must be strong in at least one of the areas listed above. Flexible Days and Hours. Pre-Screening Required

Senior Citizens Care

We are looking for people that are kind, patient and can appreciate the company and wisdom of our senior generation. This program is designed to help them to continue to enjoy a quality life and give them something to look forward to. This assignment will include the following: 

Light house cleaning (such as sweeping, dusting, washing dishes in small amounts, organizing/clearing small spaces and decorating), literacy enhancement (such as reading to or teaching how to read), companionship care (such as watching movies, playing games, engaging in conversation), grooming assistance (washing, combing or styling hair), running errands (such as grocery store) and telephone check-ins.

Occasionally services may include chaperoning senior trips such as picnics, movie theaters, shopping, festive shows/parades, senior game night, and more.  

Flexible Days and Hours, Pre-Screening Required

How To Get Involved

Email your interest to lfavorst@neighboringlovefoundation.org

All volunteer opportunities require orientation and/or training prior to getting started. For additional questions or concerns, please feel free  to email us at the email address listed or give us a call. Thank you!